5 restaurants where you’ll find the best paella in Barcelona

Best Paella in Barcelona

5 restaurants where you’ll find the best paella in Barcelona

If you are in Barcelona but do not know which restaurant offers the best paella in the city you are in the right place to discover it.

Barcelona is a city that can offer as much to the people who live there as to its tourists. For lovers of a good fork, paella is certainly considered one of the best dishes in Spain.

In Barcelona there are many restaurants where you can eat excellent paella.


Surely if you have taken a look on the web you will have come across several names of restaurants that are recommended for eating a good paella. This is because in fact there are many to realize it really good.

The best paella restaurants in Barcelona are located almost all on the seafront, in Barceloneta. Some are restaurants with terrace overlooking the sea.

However, there are excellent restaurants where you can eat it also in the inner streets of the historic center and in other areas of Barcelona, not only on the sea. For example there is the Bodega Joan, in the Example district, or the Arrosseria Xativa, in Gràcia and Les Corts, with lots of different paellas.

If you want to eat a paella on the Rambla, the places are almost all not recommended, too touristy and poor quality. However, you can go to Restaurant La Fonda, a few steps from the Rambla. Here the paella is very good and the value for money excellent. Also highly recommended is the Colom restaurant, always a stone’s throw from the Rambla.

But if we want to draw up a ranking with the best ritoranti of Barcelona who make the best paella you can distinguish five:


1. Xiringuito escriba

Xiringuito escriba is one of the most famous and recommended places to taste the best paella.

It is located in Poblenou, directly on the beach. It’s open all year, both for lunch and dinner. The atmosphere is quite informal, with open kitchen: a very welcome detail during the long wait required for cooking paella. If you are traveling with children, they can get away a bit by observing the cooks. If they are really restless you can make them do two jumps on the beach.

The paella arrives in the best of traditions directly in the special pan (paellar), with wooden spoons not to affect the taste.


2. Can Ros

Can Ros is located in Barceloneta. It is a quite small and quiet: perfect for those who do not like noisy restaurants. It is better to book because it does not have many tables! This restaurant serves excellent fish dishes, including a delicious paella. Among the various types of paella offered is much appreciated the one with cuttlefish ink. In addition, the service is great and the prices are low compared to other restaurants, as the paella costs 16€.


3. Restaurante 7 portes

The 7 portes restaurant is also an institution in Barcelona. Open since 1836, it retains period furniture and plaques to indicate where the most illustrious people sat: Dali, Picasso, García Lorca ate here, to name a few.

In the menu you will find many typical Catalan dishes, including an excellent paella. The excellent cuisine and the atmosphere of the past make it a very popular place, even if the prices are a little higher than average.


4. Can Majo

Can Majo is another great restaurant in Barceloneta. It offers for many years a very good paella and tasty fish dishes.

The best places are on the outside terrace. The portions of paella are plentiful, prices are average in other places, neither low nor high.


5. La Mar Salada

La Mar Salada is one of the most famous restaurants in Barceloneta, renowned seafood restaurant. The paella is fabulous, especially lobster, but the prices are a bit above average, but with generous portions.


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