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Flamingo FAQ

Questions about free tour Barcelona and free tour Malaga. You will find here all your responses to our tour services in Barcelona and Malaga.

What is a Free Tour?

At Flamingo, we are confident enough to let you decide the value of the tour. With a free tour, the price is open; you are the one who decides the amount you want to give depending on your level of satisfaction.

How do I recognise my Guide?

Your Guide will be in front of Teatro Cervantes before the scheduled starting time at 10.30 am for the English Tour and before 19.00 for the Spanish Tour. Your guide will be wearing a pink Polo Shirt and will be holding a Flamingo Umbrella.

Can I join the Flamingo Walking Tour although I have not booked online? Is the Tour Stroller Friendly?

Of course, you can. Our walking tour route is both stroller and wheelchair-accessible, so there will be no problems getting around. However, there might be moments where we need to walk a lot of stairs, so keep that in mind!

How long is the Flamingo Walking Tour?

Usually, it would take around 2 hours and we will be walking between 2.5 and 3 kilometers of distance.

Do we have a break during the Tour?

Yes, we will be having several breaks and will be sure to keep our group in the shade as often as possible! Let’s face it, During Summer Malaga is a very warm destination, and our main goal is for our clients to enjoy the tours, not to be melting along the way.

What happens if I am late to the Tour?

If possible, try to send us a message so that we can let the guide know that you are running late! Our Guide will be in the Square in front of the Cervantes Theatre for at least the first 15 minutes of the Tour. Our second stop will be in Plaza de la Merced, so you can go and meet us there. If you still cannot find the group, we can adjust your booking for the day after.

Does the Visit imply a great physical effort?

In some cases it does, for example, in Malaga we do go up to Gibralfaro Castle. However, we will do it as slowly as possible and with several stops on the way. The end of the tour is usually the most impressive, therefore it is worth the effort. Also, our guides will check on how all participants are feeling at all times.

Can I go before the end of the Tour?

We understand that you may have to leave early due to any inconvenience. Therefore, we kindly ask you to let your Guide know that you will be leaving the group.

Where can I find the group picture of the group?

As part of our Flamingo Walking Tour, we always take a picture with our group to remember our memorable experiences together. You can find the pictures on our Instagram stories and our Facebook pages.

What should I bring and wear during a Walking Tour?

We recommend that you bring sunglasses, bottled water or refreshments, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and your camera or mobile device for pictures. Remember that our main goal for you is to Make this experience Memorable.

What information you will find here ?

Questions about free tour Barcelona and free tour Malaga. You will find here all your responses to our tour services in Barcelona and Malaga.