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Reviews are a way to understand something before buying it.

Firstly, we understand it. It is not easy to trust a stranger.  Hence, we know that you need to be careful in big cities such as Barcelona. In addition, not everybody that travels to Spain knows Spanish, and every local knows English.

Furthermore, we also have been in the same situation. In fact, we also suffered from some bad moments in the past. Yet, here in Flamingo Tours and Trips, our goal is to fix that.

In addition, we also believe that the best way to understand a country is from the eyes of a local. Furthermore, if you wish to discover those special places, you need a helping hand as well.

By all means, you can choose a travel company like us to help you with solving all these issues. Certainly, we wish to help you discover the beauty of Spain.  So, come on and read some of our reviews. We are constantly looking to improve ourselves and we are proud to be your tour guides.

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About our Reviews

In order to help you understand our offers, we are gathering some of our different reviews online. In fact, in places like TripAdvisor and Google reviews, you can see the responses some of our previous visitors shared with us.

Is our goal, we be open with all our guest. In addition, we encourage each to share a review about us, as soon as possible. Certainly, it will help the next person.

In the list under, you would be able to hear about some of the reviews shared in the last summer in Malaga. Secondly, we will find more reviews to share with you. Likewise, we feel that is important to share with you our best pictures. Lastly, we hope to see your pictures on social media. So, please try to tag us with @flamingotoursandtrips.

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