Tapas Tour Malaga

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Tapas Tour Malaga

50€ 39€ per person


Important notice: At the moment we have no Tapas Tours running until further notice.

  • The meeting point is in Plaza de la Constituciòn (Fountain of Geneva) at 18h00.
  • The tapas tours are available in English and will last 3h.
  • You will recognize our experts by holding a pink umbrella and a flamingo shirt.
  • Be curious, and feel free to ask questions!
  • Prior reservation is MANDATORY, please make sure that you book it in advance!
  • Please advise any specific dietary requirements at the time of booking


Join our Tapas tour Malaga and let’s discover Malaga’s international gastronomy

Hello and welcome to Malaga, the capital of Costa del Sol! 

As you might already know, the gastronomy in the South of Spain is delicious and has a wide variety to offer. Are you looking for the best experience for trying it? Well, the Flamingo team organized the best tapas tour in the city for food lovers!


Join us and let our experts show you what’s behind gastronomy and the origin of the city itself. Our tours are always held in small groups, up to a maximum of ten people, so feel free to ask as many questions as you want! 


Our experience will start at 18h00, the perfect timing for grabbing a bite! We will meet in Plaza de la Constituciòn, which is the main public square in the city center. Our guide will give you a brief historical introduction with many insights regarding the origin and development of Malaga gastronomy.


The tour will last approximately three hours, during which we are going to visit four main venues. To better explain, the first three consists of restaurants in which you will have the opportunity of choosing and tasting up to two tapas and a drink from our tailor-made menu. You will have many options, ranging from vegetarian, spicy, and sweet tastes and alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments.

Did you know…

Additionally, while walking around, we will take you to several major stores that we recommend for buying local specialties if you want to bring them home!

Lastly, we will go to the fourth venue, where we will enjoy a dessert for concluding our special tour.


Overall, by the end of the tour, we are sure that you will have acquired much more than a simple tasting tapas tour. Be prepared for getting to know the real Malaga, its hidden tales, and lots of fun facts!

Why is it called an International Tapas Tour Malaga?


Over the centuries, the city of Malaga has been crossed and occupied by many regimes. Their influences had a strong impact on the development of Malaga and on its culture, customs, and gastronomy.


As a matter of fact, Malaga was founded back in the 8th century B.C. by the Phoenicians sailors, who left their sauces and seafood cuisine. After, under the empires of Carthage and Romans, the city introduced more elements, specifically olive and olive oils, in their recipes.


Going a step further, the long regime of the Moors introduced many new products, such as raisins, honey, saffron, nutmeg, and lots of other spices.


Then, in the XV century, the discovery of America had another great influence. The elements found from exploring the new land have been immediately incorporated into the Andalusia diet. For instance, tomatoes, chocolate, nuts, etc. 


Later, with the advent of mass tourism, Malaga cuisine started to get more visibility and developed exponentially, becoming one of the most important in Spain.


Moreover, with the end of the Francisco Franco dictatorship and transition to the modern Spanish democracy, the government set several international goals for increasing its influence in Latin America. Thus, the reason is given by all the shared historical, cultural, and linguistic ties. Therefore, these events influenced gastronomy furtherly.


Taking into consideration all civilizations that crossed by in the city of Malaga, you may now imagine that its gastronomy is a melting pot of all the cultures and customs that passed by. So, we rely upon the fact that its gastronomy is internationally based. Join our experience and taste the internationality of Malaga!

Why you should participate in our Tapas Tour Malaga


Are you still wondering about joining our tour? Here you have plenty of more reasons for convincing you that is worth it!


First, during our experience, you will not simply taste some tapas. Our Flamingo experts will share many historical, cultural, and culinary insights regarding the city.


Secondly, we are confident that our menus meet all the foodies’ expectations! The tour will make you experience the real Malaga’s gastronomy, with all its international features.


Lastly, our Flamingo guides will provide you with all the further tips for exploring the city. By the end of it, you will feel like a local! 


The tapas tour phenomenon


As everyone knows, tasting tapas is a must-to-do while visiting Spain.

But maybe, you are still not aware of how this phenomenon spread out in the country!


Well, many are stories related, and one of them tells that everything started in Seville, where some bartenders offered small dishes with drinks to avoid clients getting drunk. In fact, the term “tapa” means “cover.” 


They then realized that customers were increasing, curious about tasting new plates. Therefore, they introduced a greater variety in their offer, and this phenomenon got famous in the whole country and later on worldwide too.


In Malaga today you will be surprised to find tons of restaurants and bars offering a wide combination of dishes. In particular, we might suggest you, as a drink, enjoy a Tinto de Verano, which is a sweet mixture of red wine and lemon juice. It is super fresh and perfect to match the warm weather in the city! 


Plus, for grabbing a bite you should taste the typical porra antequerana or the boquerones. Both are malaguenos specialties, and we are sure that will not disappoint you!


To round off your lunch or dinner, how about a dessert? We recommend trying the famous turrones, the churros with hot chocolate, or fresh ice cream! 

3 Hours