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Visit Barcelona a famous corner of spain Famous corners of Spain that you must have in your travel album

Visit Barcelona, a famous corner of Spain

Visit Barcelona this year. We have made a top 5 of the most instagrammable places in Barcelona. So if you are interested in uploading them to your networks, then get to know those places that make this city the most beautiful.

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We invite you to read them too, in case you want more options when visiting this great Spanish city. Also, keep in mind our article with recent information about restrictions due to covid-19 in Spain.

Now, we will tell you about our top 5 of the best places in Barcelona to post on your social networks.


Top 5 of the most instagrammable places to visit in Barcelona

We will start with position 5 to position 1 based on our preferences of the most beautiful places in Barcelona.


• The most famous roof when you visit Barcelona


If you are in Barcelona and you do not visit La Pedrera, it is like you have not been to Barcelona.

Visiting Casa Milà is one of the things that you cannot miss on your trip.

Casa Milà is famous for its unique terrace, making it one of the most impressive parts of La Pedrera.
The chimneys are impressive, shaped like warriors’ heads.

From this place, you can enjoy wonderful views of the Catalan capital. You can see the Sagrada Familia and the Torre Glòries and it looks like you are touching the sky with your hands.

There are exactly 38 chimneys and 6 large sculptures, which are the stairs leading down to the attic of the building. The floor of the terrace is uneven and the stairs that wind around the walls emulate the forces of nature: earth, water, fire and air.

The atmosphere there is unique. It allows you to listen to the elements of nature while admiring the magical chimneys. Something you should definitely experience and capture in a picture, for the memory of such a beautiful adventure.


• La Boquería, Barcelona

La Boquería is almost unforgivable to miss when you visit Barcelona. This is the most famous market in the city, full of colours and people.


Famous corners of Spain that you must have in your travel album

It is located in Las Ramblas, a well-known place in this beautiful Spanish city.

The colours are the most important thing here, so you won’t need a filter to enhance the colour. You can see it from its facade, the greengrocer’s shop at the entrance and its impressive display of products attract our attention from the beginning.

The candy stand is one of the most photogenic places in the market.

Just with a picture of its facade, you will realize how colorful and cheerful the place actually is.


Picturesque streets of Raval and Barceloneta

The streets of the popular neighborhoods of Raval and Barceloneta are very attractive for postcard-worthy pictures.

Just look up and look around. These unique neighborhoods have narrow, dark alleys, which are illuminated by a little sunlight.

You can also see small balconies overflowing with plants, clothes hanging all over the alley and the occasional neighbor peaking out.

Definitely a very colourful, harmonious and unique neighborhood in all its aspects.


Plaza del Tibidabo


If adventure is your thing and you are not afraid of heights, this is the right place to visit.

You can take advantage of the beautiful landscape of the Giradabo, the Ferris wheel of the Tibidabo amusement park.

It is a great place that is right between the sea and the sky, where you will be able to see the illuminated city at your feet.

Famous corners of Spain that you must have in your travel album

It is located at the highest point of the mountain and has become an icon of the Catalan capital for its colorful baskets.

If you do not have vertigo, you can take excellent pictures of the Watchtower from this attraction.


Plaza de Isidre Nonell

This somewhat “discreet” place is in the Ciutat Vella neighborhood, near the Cathedral of Barcelona. It is called ‘El món neix en cada besada’, a ceramic mural full of romanticism, popularly known as “El muro del beso”. Because of this mural, Barcelona has become the city of kisses.

The artist in charge of this work of art and love is Joan Fontcuberta. It was he who composed this mural with 4,000 photos sent by anonymous people from Barcelona.




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