Paradiso: The Best Bar in the world located in Barcelona

Paradiso: The Best Bar in the world located in Barcelona

When you come to a new place you often have difficulty speaking a new language that you can communicate with and get information. If you are looking for the best cocktail bar in Barcelona, recently awarded as the best one in the world!

Best Bar in Barcelona

We are talking about the Paradiso Bar, located in the Born district, home of multiple renowned restaurants, shops, bars. Among them you’ll find the Paradiso bar,  renowned for the best cocktails in town!

If you want to spend a fun night while experiencing cutting-edge cocktails, Paradiso is the place for you. It is considered the best bar in Catalonia. In fact it ranks first in the ranking of the top 50 bars in the world. Must visit during your stay in Barcelona, founded by two young entrepreneurs Giacomo Gianotti and Margarita Sader. They created a place where anyone could feel comfortable while experiencing what they call a “universe of temptations”.

Pics source: Paradiso’s website

The Road to becoming the best bar in Barcelona

Giannotti, born in the beautiful marina of Carrara, was lucky enough to inherit from his family the entrepreneurial skills. Her family owned an ice cream shop that motivated her to pursue her dreams. He flew first to London and then to the beautiful Barcelona, the place where Paradiso was born in 2015.

Although it is easy to find the location of Paradiso, the venue has a handful of peculiarities like the access to it. Clandestinely entering through the door of a refrigerator inside a pastrami bar, the interior of the bar is made of wood to recall the sinuous shapes of the sea of Barcelona. The counter is totally made of Carrara marble to recall the place of origin where Gianotti was born. All this is complemented by beautiful tropical designs.

In 2020 he opened in Barcelona his second cocktail bar, Galileo. Composed of an industrial-chic design that offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the Italian aperitif. In addition to cocktails, it also offers tapas that recall the flavors of Italian cuisine made by chef Gabriele Milani. During these years Paradiso has also launched the Lab project. It aims to research sustainability, respect for the customer and the search for alternative ingredients.

The Sustainability Summit was organized directly by the team to convey and spread the concept of “green practices” in the world of mixing. This little jewel that offers Spain, brings with it secrets, as inside there is a smaller, private room that is accessed through a false bathroom. The name of this secret room is Maccalan Room and is inspired by the concept of Scotch whisky.

The best cocktail of Paradiso

If you were wondering instead what were the best cocktails that Giannotti prepares for his guests, among the traditional ones the best seller is represented by the Supercool Martini. A blend of Vermouth infused with mustard and frozen gin with a patented technique. Among contemporary cocktails, the best seller is definitely the treasure of the Mediterranean a mix of vodka, cherry, elderberry and agave syrup, which is served in a sea shell enclosed in a pirate trunk.

The Paradise you will find open every day of the week from 19 to 2 and 30. Currently the paradise team is formed by 35 people who have the aim of making guests spend a different evening of pure fun and clearly accompanied by beautiful and tasty cocktails.

Stop by the best bar in the world if you are in Barcelona! And if you’re looking for more, our Flamingos are waiting to show you around! Book your walking tour barcelona or pub crawl barcelona and Make it Memorable!


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