The Best Italian Restaurants in Barcelona

The Best Italian Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is full of amazing restaurants and there is something for every kind of taste. You can find a great variety of different amazing restaurants who are offering delicious food from many cultures. For example you can find places who are offering Peruvian, Mexican or Vietnamese food.

Usually it is easy to find these restaurants as they are located near Poble Sec, Sant Pere, de Sants or Passeig de Gracia or Sant Antoni.

One type of restaurants that you can find is also Italian ones. So, if you are longing for tasty Italian food, then this blog post is exactly for you! We are going to discover the 10 best Italian restaurants in Barcelona. 

Best Italian Restaurants in Barcelona

1. Bellebuon

Bellebuon is located in Travessera de la Gracia, 441. This lovely dining place was founded seven years ago in beautiful Barcelona. It is one of the Italian restaurants whose cuisine recalls the flavours of southern Italy. Especially of Campania, because the chef is native from this region.

In this restaurant the chef offers a cuisine based on handcrafted dishes with fresh handmade pasta and freshly prepared first courses. Tasty experience is absolutely guaranteed.




Italian restaurant

2. Murivecchi

Murivecchi is a cozy restaurant located in the district of Born. They are offering Southern Italian food. For that they are using a beautiful wood-burning oven with a power of 480 to cook the meals. By using this technique their food gets very good taste and quality.

As a result the best Italian pizzas in Barcelona cooked in 90 seconds only. Gragnano instead, is the pasta chosen as it is produced in a town in the Gulf of Naples.

Among the main courses there are the entrecote with fresh seasonal mushrooms and fried shrimp and squid. Everything is accompanied by Apulian, Campania, Sicilian and Tuscan wines. Finally, there are also delicious homemade desserts. Not far from this restaurant, you can find another very good Italian restaurant called Le Cucine.

3. Donizetti

Donizetti is located in the example of Barcelona. Moreover the dishes are prepared directly by the chef Marcello di Prinzio. Here you can enjoy the best Italian lunch in Barcelona. It is a small venue, where you can listen to operas of Donizetti as background music.

For instance, the workhorse of the chef consists in combining fresh pasta dishes with sauces of his invention. The menu consists of appetizers, carpaccio, dry pasta, fresh pasta, risotto, meat, semifreddo and ice cream.




4. Perbacco

Perbacco is located in Avinguda Diagonal. It is a restaurant that offers typical Italian cuisine made with high quality ingredients and coming directly from Italy. Among them are ravioli filled with wild boar, apple and smoked ham. Also risotto with cava and rosemary with flakes of Parma ham.

Of course, they have an extensive list of wines with Mediterranean flavour. They offer the option of take-away.

5. Gusto restaurant

Gusto restaurant is an Italian restaurant that offers first courses, second courses and pizzas. Their cuisine is from southern Italy and they have gotten their inspiration from Campania that represent the culture “Partenopea”. It is located in Carrer del Rosselló, 108. Moreover, If you do not wish to spend a lot of money, this restaurant offers menus with affordable prices for everyone.

6. Don Kilo

Don Kilo is a restaurant that was opened with the idea to create a new form of communication. They wanted to combine innovation and the importance of traditions.

You can find this restaurant on the street of Carrer de Girona, 133. It offers different types of pastas and pizzas inspired by Campania cuisine, whose products come from the same region.

Best Italian Restaurant Barcelona

7. Restaurante la Tagliatella

In the Finestrelles shopping center you can explore this beautiful Italian restaurant. Here you can recharge your batteries after a busy shopping day. Restaurante la Tagliatella is very cozy and it has welcoming atmosphere.

If the weather is good, it also offers the opportunity to dine on the outdoor terrace. In addition, the dishes are inspired by the regions of Emiglia Romagna, Piedmont and Liguria.

8. Aroma of Sicily

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers meals from Sicily, “Aroma of Sicily” is the place for you. The restaurant is located in the district called Urgell and it offers the typical dishes of this beautiful region. For instance arancini, Sicilian cannoli, pasta and pizza. Restaurant super recommended to spend a day in the company of friends and family.

9.Mo te magno

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers the flavors of Roman cuisine, then visit “Mo te magno”. It gives you an opportunity to taste Roman food without traveling all the way there. You can also order the food directly to your home or take it with you as a takeaway.

It offers appetizers such as focaccia, burrata, cold cuts, bruschetta, olives, pastas and pizzas. Prices there are super affordable.

10. Bella Italia

Bella Italia is a trattoria, a restaurant and a typical Italian pizzeria that offers Italian dishes and pizzas of excellent quality. It is similar to another famous Italian restaurant called La Bella Napoli. Also there is a special menu for children. You can find it in Dreta de l’Example and despite its small size you will feel immediately at home.

If you miss or want to explore the delicious Italian cuisine, then don’t miss these Italian restaurants. These places take you on an adventure and give you the opportunity to discover new exciting tastes.

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