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Street Art in Malaga

Street art in Malaga, cultural and social expression of the city


If we talk about Spanish art, Malaga is a great location for it. With its many museums and exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, we know that there is a great variety of artistic talent in this city. Art is not only found in its museums and galleries, but also in its streets. Street art in Malaga is amazing and shows the culture, talent and endless emotions represented on the canvas of these artists, the streets.


Most of these artists are well-known, but other prefer to remain anonymous. What really matters is the message that each of these talented artists is sending to the streets of Malaga. At the moment, it is a great time to express yourself through art, we appreciate it for the amount of murals, graffiti and artistic areas that there are.

More and more people are included in this artistic movement of street art in Malaga.

Street Arte in Malaga

We say this not only because of their quantity, but also because of the high quality that these creations have. When creating a work of art, the artists are meticulous in their work. They look for the right place to locate art, which tells a story and has an influence.



Art is everywhere in Malaga, whether it be in its festivals, museums, art exhibitions, street singers, dance performances and, of course, street art. It is not difficult to find a diversity of art in this city. We will mention some of the streets where you can find thousands of murals in Malaga.


  • Soho, Malaga’s street art district


Street Art in Malaga

This area of ​​Malaga has become one of the many must-see attractions. Soho, in itself, is the right place when it comes to street art in Malaga.

It is the scene of more than 50 murals, which cover the walls, doors, bridges and windows of the Soho district. An example of one of the most famous murals in the Soho neighborhood, is the huge mural of Obey and D’Face that can be seen from the Tetuàn bridge.


  • Lagunillas, art in its own way

If you want to see street art that is different from that of the Soho district, you should visit Lagunillas.

In Lagunillas, street art is represented in Malaga with murals full of graffiti. It is a place where art is independent, without rules and without established norms. There are more than 30 graffitis to admire in Lagunillas, some of which may even evolve into new works of street art.


  • BulevArt, jewel of street art in Malaga

Art is a very strong means of expression, and artists BulevArt know this. Through their design techniques, they convey social, economic and geographical messages.

In the area there are more than 32 large format murals, which you can see. More artistic projects are currently being developed.

The BulevArt city council supports the area’s murals, an initiative that encourages more artists to express themselves through street art.

Here are three of the most representative places of street art in Malaga.


More street art in Malaga


If you want to know more artists who make art of this type, here is a list of both local and national artists. Check out their work on social networks, as each has their own style.

Artists of street art in Malaga

Now that you know all this, you cannot come to Malaga and not visit these places of pure art.

In the meantime, you can walk through the streets of Malaga and enjoy a great demonstration of Malaga’s art and culture for free.




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