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Spain: My Favourite Place to Travel

After the year we’ve just had, we’re more hungry now for a vacation than ever before. After months cooped up inside, we are finally beginning to taste a little bit of freedom again. And with that being said, we’re all trying to select the perfect destination to let the stress melt away. Well we at Flamingo Tours & Trips believe we have the perfect escape in mind. What better place to enjoy a much needed vacation than sunny Spain?! Uncover some of the wonderful attractions this country has to offer and discover for yourself why Spain is our favourite place to travel!

Why travel to Spain?

Some of you may be wondering: why travel to Spain out of all the possible destinations? And to that we respond: why not?! Spain is truly a holiday destination with something for everyone. Don’t believe us? Well then why don’t we take a quick look at some of the attractions this wonderful country has to offer.

Sun and Beach

When we think of Spain, most of our minds are drawn to the image of breath-taking coastline and radiant sunshine all day long. And that’s certainly not far from the reality! Though a part of mainland Europe, Spain is home to almost 5,000 km of coastline and beautiful beaches. Nothing but glistening mounds of sand and ocean as far as the eye can see.

And luckily for locals and tourists alike, some of the coastlines can be enjoyed almost all year round! Some of the most southern regions of Spain, such as Malaga for example, benefit from almost 300 days of sunshine every year. That only leaves 65 days out of the year with rain! Kind of hard to believe for some of us.

So if your vacation plans revolve around coming home with a glowing tan to make everyone jealous, then Spain is the ideal holiday destination for you.


However, just because Spain is a sunshine paradise, it doesn’t necessarily mean all of us come here for that reason. We’re not all fans of the pesky sand making its way into all our clothes and finding it all over us for the rest of the day. So thankfully there’s a mountain of other wonderful aspects of Spain to enjoy than just the great weather and beach-time. One of the top things being the food!

If you haven’t yet enjoyed some traditional Spanish cuisine, then what have you been doing with your life?! With such a diverse culture and history, each Spanish province has its own unique platters to offer. And what better way to sample a little bit of each of these dishes then with some tapas?

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the concept, tapas bars are extremely popular here in Spain. As opposed to ordering an entire plate, tapas portions give you a little taste of everything on the menu that catches your eye. Which is great for us picky eaters wanting to try new things! What’s more, tapas are usually very affordable, ranging from about 2-6 euro depending on the bar. And from personal experience, I can tell you that 3 or 4 of these tapas plates will usually have you full to brim! A perfect opportunity to sample as much traditional food as you can without racking up a bill.


When it comes to history, its hard to find anything quite as complex and varied as Spain’s. The Spanish territories have lived through more era’s than we can count. From Spanish kingdoms to Roman rule and the Muslim Dynasty to Catholic monarchies, the history of Spain is a cultural mixing pot. And thanks to this, Spain has acquired some of the best traits from each of these reigns.

Every corner you take will have you feeling like you’ve travelled across time. While one street may be lined with modern and high-end stores, in the next street you may find yourself coming and ancient plaza and ruins that have stood since the 7th century. Its an enigma that you simply have to discover for yourself to believe it.


It goes without saying that Spain has a rich and boisterous culture unlike any other. And is it really any wonder? What with its diverse historical roots! The Spanish culture has so many wonderful cultural attractions that you can’t experience anywhere else. Hence why its our top recommendation and favourite place to travel.

Should you be interested in delving more into what Spanish culture has to offer, then we hope you’ve kept your itinerary free! The list of attractions you simply cannot miss out on is endless. Whether it be traditional flamenco shows or a spectacle of bull fighting, there’s never a boring day.


And if we’re going to talk about Spanish culture, then we couldn’t possibly not mention the night scene here. When it comes to social culture, our hat’s go off to the Spaniards. No other country does it quite like them.

From the early afternoon you’ll already see the bars and cafes full to the brim with locals sharing a caña and some small tapas. And these bars and cafes will remain full until closing time. But don’t be mistaken, while the Spanish may be out drinking longer and earlier than many of us are used to, they certainly known their limits and keep things within moderation. So don’t be expecting too many people to be wobbling home by 6pm.

Although, maybe the same can’t be said for the early hours of the morning once the clubs have closed. But aren’t we all a little guilt of sometimes having a bit too much fun at time! And important things about the nightlife here however that we have to note it what time it starts. Until most of us, who are used to the time getting to full-swing by about 10pm, don’t expect the Spanish nights to get going until after midnight! But while they may start late, they make up for missed time by partying all the way until the sun comes up. So if you’re planning a wild night out, make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before!

Plus, the Spanish really know how to throw a party.


If there’s one thing in particular that really makes Spain our favourite place to travel, it’s the people. The Spaniards are as friendly as they are out-going. Its never a dull moment here! Whether you’re heading out with friends or even alone, you can always be sure to strike up conversation with someone. And this conversation is always received warmly. So don’t be shy! Even if you’re Spanish is limited, locals appreciate you making the effort, never let it hold you back from enjoying your experience.

Flamingo Tours & Trips

We hope that this article has provided some insight into exactly why Spain is considered our favourite place to travel. We could continue adding to our list, but then we’d be writing a book! So we hope this brief overview has highlighted some of the main attractions that make Spain as amazing as it is.

If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy some of these attractions and learn even more, than we highly recommend checking out our Free Walking Tours and Bar crawls, which we host in the cities of Malaga and Barcelona. Though hopefully before long we’ll be able to share our passions for Spain in even more cities!

So if you’re passing through, be sure to check us out. By day we’ll take you on a journey through time. Exploring the complex history of these cities and uncovering their quirky features. By night, enjoy the very best of the local nightlife scene with fun-loving tourists and locals alike. There really is no better way to introduce yourself to all that Spain, our favourite place to travel has to offer.

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