Sagrada Familia tours, a culture experience in Barcelona

In this Sagrada Familia Tours you can find the meaning of your humanitarian illumination

Sagrada Familia tours, a culture experience in Barcelona

In the 19th century, the modernist movement reflected the industrialized era, highlighting the aesthetics and beauty of its time. At that time, the most outstanding architectural work was La Sagrada Familia.
First, it is one of Spain’s iconic Catholic architectures and Antonio Gaudi’s most recognized work. Second, the project began in 1882, at the end of the 19th century.

In addition, the Sagrada Familia tours are the best of Flamingo Tours and Trips, come and see for yourself Gaudi’s most precious monument.
In fact, what are you waiting for? Keep reading and you will be tempted to book your ticket.

There are certainly some interesting facts that make this place one of Barcelona’s favorites. One of them is that the Sagrada Familia temple supports different social and solidarity causes at certain times of the year.
Do you know for which causes? Don’t worry, we will tell you…


Gaudi’s masterpiece and your solidarity lighting

All in all, the Sagrada Familia is illuminated three times a year from 9 pm to 12pm, for three different causes of solidarity.

In addition, we inform you of their exact dates so that you can visit this monument of modernist art and enjoy its humanitarian illumination.


Solidarity with Neurofibromatosis Day

This Catholic temple stands in solidarity with the cause of neurofibromatosis awareness by dressing its façade in blue and green every May 17th.

The Sagrada Familia is not alone in joining this social cause.
Other emblematic buildings and monuments still light up their facades today. The Infant Tumor Foundation made the proposal and the Catalan Neurofibromatosis Association promoted it.


Deafblindness´s International Day

The second illumination to which the Catholic temple is added takes place on the 27th of June, being the International Day of Deafblindness.

On this date, people with this physical disability use white and red canes.

This project is carried out in collaboration with the Catalan Association of Deafblind People – APSOCECAT. With the lighting of the facade, this physical disability is both visible and raises awareness.


International Day of the Elderly

The third cause for which the Sagrada Familia stands in solidarity is the International Day of the Elderly on October 1st. On this date, the entrance of the temple illuminates, in support of the Fundación Amigos del Anciano. Transmitting the message of claiming, living, and aging with dignity, just like our seniors around the world.

In general, we know you want to know more about this sacred place. You can appreciate in more detail the architectural art of Gaudí and participate in these human moments of the Catholic temple.
The Sagrada Familia tours are Flamingo’s most requested tour packages. Dare to know more about the works of modernism and the beauty they contain by joining us.

Lastly, remember that the current health situation imposes restrictions on the capacity of people. With the necessary security measures, there will be no impediment. You can visit Barcelona, get to know the Sagrada Familia and enjoy these symbolic illuminations.


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