Mural del Beso Barcelona: The story behind the “kissing wall”

Mural del Beso Barcelona: The story behind the “kissing wall”

Mural del Beso in Barcelona, the “kiss wall” is a mosaic made up of many small polaroids made in 2014 that aims to represent love in every form, probably the most recognised piece of street art around the city.


What does “El mural del beso” represent?

The Kiss wall in Barcelona, called in Spanish “El mural del beso”. In Catalan “El Peto” or “El món neix en cada besada”. This is a photomosaic made in 2014 by photographer Joan Fontcuberta and ceramist Antoni Cumella.

This wall is the most visited in Barcelona. Although it is a little hidden, it is very frequented by those romantic tourists. They seek to have their photo next to the kiss.

This mural was created to commemorate the three hundredth anniversary of the Catalan defeat in the War of the Spanish Succession on 11 September 1714. This gave rise to the celebration of the Feast of Catalonia.

The initiative started with the photographer Joan Fontcuberta and El Periódico de Catalunya. The idea was to create a mural composed of photographs sent by readers of the magazine, under the premise «living free”.

Moreover, this work consists of 4,000 ceramic tiles that together form two lips on the point of kissing.

If you approach you will notice that the subjects of these tiles are photographs of ordinary people.


What do we find next to the mural?

Specifically, this project was meant to be a temporary display, the Barcelona City Council decided to leave it permanently. The mural was inaugurated on July 3, 2014 by the mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias .

Next to the mosaic you can see a plaque with the following inscription:

“This mural photomosaic has been made with the contribution of thousands of citizens who have contributed personal images interpreting the motto «moments of freedom». The project is part of the commemoration of the Tercentenary of the events of 1714 in Barcelona. The noise of a kiss is not as deafening as a cannon, but its echo is more durable.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

As a curiosity, the work is made to withstand the inclement weather and graffiti artists. They unfortunately have loaded several works in recent times in various neighbourhoods of Barcelona.


How to get to the “mural of beso”?

The famous kiss mural is located in the centre of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, on Isidre Nonell Square in front of Barcelona’s Cathedral.

Although it is located in a very tourist area, the cathedral takes all eyes and often goes unnoticed.

To get here, you must make the same journey in the direction of the Cathedral. Once you are there, take Carrer dels Capellans street, which leads to Isidre Nonell square where the large mural is located.

Furthermore, this wall is currently considered one of the most “IG friendly” places in Barcelona. In fact, it is impossible to go to this work and not to meet tourists who are taking pictures of the mural of beso.

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