Explore the Bunkers del Carmel

Bunkers Carmel

Explore the Bunkers del Carmel

Barcelona is a city with a very interesting history. Because of it there is a lot to do and there are many cool places for all the history lovers. If you are one of them, then one of the places that you could visit is the Bunkers del Carmel.

It is a set of bunkers located on a hill called Turo de la Rovira in the Carmel neighbourhood of Barcelona. The Republicans built it and the aim was to protect the city during the Spanish Civil War. Surprisingly a lot of people do not know about the history of this place. Besides the history, bunkers also offers some of the best views of the city.

How to reach the Bunkers el Carmel

To reach the bunkers, you can take the yellow line (L4) to the metro station called Alfons X. Then you have to take about 20 minute walk to the top of the hill. It depends on how fast are you walking.

You can also visit this place by bus. For that you have to take the bus number 24 or number V17 from Passeig de Gracia bus stop. The bus will drop you off at the entrance of the Parc del Guinardo. After that you have to walk little bit an you are there.

Also, you can walk all the way to the bunkers. But if you do that, keep in mind that the road is uphill. Because of that we recommend to wear comfortable footwear and to take water bottle with you.

However, the walk is not too difficult, it is even quite enjoyable. During the walk you will be going through the charming streets of the Carmel neighbourhood. As you reach the top of the hill, you’ll see the bunkers looming in front of you.

History of Bunkers Del Carmel

The Republicans built The Bunkers del Carmel between 1963 and 1939. They used this place as part of a craft battery to defend the city against attacks. It offered a very good view, this is why they picked exactly this location (the hill called Turo de la Rovira). Also, this place housed a great number of guns.

The government removed all the guns from the Bunkers during the Franco regime. In that time many people suffered from poverty and Bunkers became a shelter for some of them. During the 40s and 50s a lot of people started living in Bunkers and this place became a shanty town.

By the end of 60s more than 3000 people used to live there. During that time local people used to call this place Cannons neighbourhood.

In the 1992 there were Olympic Games happening in the city. For that the Barcelona City Council wanted to clean up the city and make it as beautiful as possible. Because of that they also decided to rehouse all the people living in the bunkers.

So, the Barcelona City Council decided to rehouse all the people living in the Bunkers, giving them flats in the city. After that this area became abandoned and people forgot about it for awhile.

Exploring the Bunkers del Carmel

When you reach the bunkers, you’ll find a small museum MUHBA Turo de la Rovira. It explains the history of the bunkers. Also, it will give you details about its importance during the Spanish Civil War.

In 2011 the city decided to open a museum in Bunkers, because of all the history the place has. For that they restored and improved the bunkers and the area nearby.

Inside the museum you can read interesting facts about this place and Spanish Civil War. They have explained all the details about war strategies. Furthermore, you can see many photos from that time. It definitely is an interesting visit for all the history lovers.

Also, during your visit you will get the idea of how bunkers looked when it used to be a shanty town.

Practical Information

Before visiting Bunkers keep in mind that:

1) To reach the bunkers, you can take the metro to the Alfons X station.

2) To visit the Bunkers you have to walk uphill, but it is not too difficult.

3) The Bunkers del Carmel offers some of the best panoramic views of the city of Barcelona.

4) There is a small museum at the site that explains the history of the bunkers and the Spanish Civil War.

5) Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring some water with you.

Or if you feel like discovering the city with a group of people, check out our Barcelona Walking Tour. You will hear many interesting stories about the city`s history and learn new facts about Barcelona.

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