Discover the Cathedral by The Sea

Santa Maria del Mar

Discover the Cathedral by The Sea

Barcelona is a city with great history and it has stunning architecture. If you are walking around the city you can notice many beautiful buildings. One of the buildings that you can visit is the Cathedral by the Sea Barcelona. It is also known as La Catedral del Mar.

How to reach to the basilica of Santa Maria?

You can find the beautiful Santa Maria del Mar in the El Born neighbourhood. If you want to reach it by metro, then the nearest metro stations are Jaume I or Barceloneta. Other attractions that are nearby are Ciutadella Park, the Born Cultural centre and Picasso Museum.

Cathedral by the Sea

When to visit the Church of Santa Maria?

You can visit this basilica for free if your plan your visit carefully. For example, if you visit it before 12.30 or after 17.45 then you have a free entry. Before visiting on these hours, keep in mind that free entry includes a visit only to the nave.

If you also want to admire the beautiful rooftop or interesting crypt, you have to pay for your visit. Then the entry fee for visiting the basilica will cost between 8 or 10 euros.

When visiting cathedral, you can take part of guided tours in English. The tour includes a visit to the stunning rose window and the Fossar de les Moreres. It is a memorial to those who died during the Spanish Civil War.

Also, you can find many beautiful sculptures and paintings in the church. One of the most famous on is a statue of Saint Peter, the patron saint of fishermen. Be sure to check out guided tours if you are interested in to know more about the history of this cathedral.

History of Cathedral by the Sea

It was built in the 14th century and took 55 years to be built and finished. The building started in 1329 and was completed in 1383 and it was built in the Plaça de Santa Maria.

What makes this cathedral special is that it was built by the people who lived in Barcelona during that time. Their purpose was to create a church that was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the sea.

The Cathedral by the Sea offers unique stunning example of Catalan Gothic architecture. For example you can see many soaring arches, intricate carvings, and beautiful stained glass windows. It’s a must-see destination for anyone interested in the history and culture of Barcelona.

Interior Church Barcelona

The Cathedral of the Sea on Netflix

The Cathedral by the Sea became famous by the Netflix series of the same name, which premiered in 2018. The series were based on the novel that was written by Ildefonso Falcones. The TV series tell the story about a young man called Arnau Estanyol.

He was from a poor family, but become a successful merchant and one of the most powerful men in 14th-century Barcelona. The series was filmed in Barcelona. Anybody who watches can see the stunning architecture and glass windows of the Cathedral by the Sea in almost every episode.

Besides Netflix Barcelona series and the novel, you can see this cathedral also in other works of art. For Example in the novel “Bird Box” by Josh Malerman. The cathedral has also been the site of many important events throughout the history. One of them is the coronation of King Martin I of Aragon in 1396.

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