A Tour Around Malaga

A Tour Around Malaga


If you’re visiting the Costa del Sol, a tour around Malaga is definitely worth your time. Leaving aside the thriving nightlife we wrote about in our previous article on the Best Bars in Malaga, it is time for us to show you around one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. From its ancient cultural heritage to today’s modern investments, the city of Malaga has much to discover. In this article, Flamingo Tours offers you a tour around Malaga for the next time you want to explore this great city.



Art and Culture Malaga Tour:


One of the best things about walking around Malaga is that the main places to visit are located in the city centre. Art Galleries such as the Picasso Museum and the Carmen Thyssen Museum are both traditional stops not to be missed when visiting this great Spanish city. It is important to note that access to these two museums is free on Sundays from 4pm. They are particularly important representations of the history and culture of Malaga and Andalucia. In Malaga, the main artist used to portrait and promote the city is Picasso himself.


Tour Málaga

While passing through the city centre of Malaga, another spot worth visiting is the Alcazaba citadel. The Alcazaba citadel brings back the Muslim cultural heritage of Malaga. It is one of the best preserved monuments in Spain. Furthermore, Calle Larios represents the post – Muslim period in Malaga. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful streets in Spain.


Beach and Water Sports.


Malaga has definitely become an international city, but it is also considered one of the best beach destinations in Spain. For a day at the beach, La Malagueta is considered one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. La Malagueta covers 1200 metres of natural sandy features.


Following the seafront promenade, you can find water sports activities available for all groups and ages. Activities such as Paddle Surf, Banana Boat, Wakeboard and Big Sup are available in case you want to take a plunge into the water.




Another activity that may be on anyone’s bucket list is a boat ride. Tourist boats are available every day of the week and depart from Pier one. You can enjoy a sunset ride on one of the boats while enjoying food and beverage services on board. Prices vary depending on the package you wish to purchase, but the experience is definitely worth it.

Best Bars in Malaga


Transportation Around Malaga


A major investment has recently been made in public transportation services in Malaga. This effort made by the Malaga City Council has opened the doors for this amazing city to become truly international. The International Malaga Airport is the third most visited in Spain (after Madrid and Barcelona), you can find direct flight connections from cities such as New York or Dubai.


A major project that is in progress for the city of Malaga is the metro connection. The constructions are due to be finished by the summer of 2022. They intend to connect the Palacio de Los Deportes and the hospital with the city center. You can also reach some of the cities in Costa del Sol, such as Torremolinos or Fuengirola, by train.


Food and Shopping Tour


There are several places in Malaga where both visitors and locals come together to taste the local gastronomy. The Atarazanas Market is certainly the hot spot of this mix. The Market is divided into two specific areas. In the first one you can find fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, and raw meat. In the second one, you can find fresh fish, meat, and chicken that have been delivered the same day.


For shopping activities, there are several places in Malaga that you should consider. The first place is the Muelle 1 (Pier 1) or Pompidou Centre. This recently renovated area of the city has become one of the most important economic districts for shops, restaurants and bars. As you walk around the port of Malaga, you can enjoy the amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea. If you turn around, you can see the city’s main cultural spots, such as the Cathedral and the Alcazaba.


A Tour Around Málaga

Another shopping area that is very pleasant to visit is Calle Larios. It is considered to be one of the main shopping areas of the city.

As you walk down Calle Larios, you will see some of the most famous branded clothing shops in Spain. This street also offers a shopping experience for more exclusive tastes.


Sightseeing spots in Malaga


Probably the most important sightseeing spot in the City of Malaga is the Gibralfaro lookout point. From this place, you can enjoy the wonderful view of the whole city, with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. It is a great place to take pictures where you can see the cathedral and the city centre on the right. Meanwhile, on the left, you can enjoy the view of the Plaza de Toros and the port.

Sightseeing spots in Málaga


As you may have realised, Malaga has everything you need for a tour suitable for all budgets and tastes. On one hand, you can enjoy the art and culture of the Andalusian lifestyle. On the other hand, you can enjoy the variety of activities that the capital of the Costa del Sol has to offer. In case you wan to learn more about the history of the city, you can also take part in the Flamingo Free Tour. You will discover the hidden tales of the historical figures that have made this city one of the most visited in Spain.






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