Spanish survival guide for expats

Spanish survival guide for expats

Your first time in Spain and don’t know the language? Here you will find some tips to follow the best Spanish courses in Barcelona.

In the following article you will read some tips with the best schools in which to learn Spanish.

The Best Spanish Courses in Barcelona


1. Expanish

If you are interested in taking a Spanish course to learn the basics of Spanish Expanish is one of the most famous and appreciated schools.

Moreover, it is located in the Eixample district. One of the most beautiful areas of the city for shopping, restaurants and bars. The school is just 1 block from Passeo de Gracia and La Pedrara, one of the city’s emblematic sites.

The school is located in a modern office building on the 2nd floor. The facilities were renovated in September 2017, making the Expanish one of the most modern schools in the city.

All teachers are native speakers, have a degree and have at least 2 years of teaching experience.

The school offers different packages depending on the various needs. Prices vary from 185 to 630 euros depending on the number of lessons and the type of course you want to take.



2. BCN Languages

BCN Languages is located in Barcelona and is one of the most appreciated schools in Spain. The school specializes in teaching Spanish. Furthermore, the number of students per class is very low (10 students maximum) and the teachers are native Spanish speakers. This school also provides teachers who take care of the pupil during their stay in the city.

This school has several locations throughout Barcelona, so depending on your needs you can go to the one closest to you.

As for the courses offered, they are mainly 3. The differences between one course and the other concern the duration and the price ranging from 227 to 297 euros.



3. Speakeasy Language School

Speakeasy is one of the most popular language schools in Barcelona.  They offer their students high quality Spanish and English courses in the heart of Barcelona. This school is recognized by the Cervantes Institute and have over 15 years of experience.

Their goal is to offer high quality Spanish and English courses at competitive prices.

Every week they organize social and cultural activities in which all students can participate. They also offer language exchanges, a computer room and an audiovisual library.

In conclusion, Speakeasy offers 7 separate courses with prices ranging from 296 to 4590 euros.



4. Closeteachers

This course is aimed at students who wish to learn the Spanish language during their stay. The courses focus heavily on communication skills. Furthermore, these lessons offer the opportunity to learn local culture and customs. The goal is to teach grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling. You will acquire all the language skills: oral comprehension, written comprehension and, above all, the ability to speak in Spanish. All this in a very stimulating environment, which makes these courses the best to learn Spanish in a simple and effective way.

Lessons focus on the use of Spanish in real life situations. In addition to using textbooks and other teaching materials, teachers also use newspapers and magazines in Spanish. During the lessons, various topics are discussed: the role of the mass media, local culture, current affairs and politics. Students who are at the intermediate or advanced level also have the opportunity to attend test preparation courses and business classes.

The wide range of courses allows you to choose any language level and a flexible schedule.

The main courses of Closeteachers are 2 whose price is 480 euros.



5. Babbel

If you don’t have the opportunity to travel to learn the language and want to learn Spanish online, Babbel Babbel Babbel is one of the most recommended apps.

With the Babbel app, you can learn a new language with short lessons focused on real-life conversations or take a live language course with Babbel Live certified teachers.

Moreover, you’ll learn the language and a new culture through fun and engaging learning experiences designed to help you expand your knowledge and easily remember what you’ve learned.

The costs are 9.95€ for the monthly subscription; 19.95€ for the quarterly subscription; 59.40€ for the annual subscription.



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