Traveling in a pandemic can seem more overwhelming than it really is. News of an increase in infection rates or the appearance of new variants makes many of us skeptical about the future of travel. In addition, constant changes in entry requirements and restrictions can make traveling more difficult.For this reason, Flamingo Tours and Trips informs you of the details about the restrictions due to Covid-19 Spain.Requirements to entry SpainRestrictions to Spain are quite similar to most other countries. You

Currently traveling is a headache, due to all the regulations that exist. Every country has taken steps to protect itself. We will tell you about the restrictions in Spain, before you travel.Before we used to worry about registering on time or checking if we had our passports. Now we face travel restrictions and have a negative test Covid.Every fortnight, Spain updates its restrictions and regulations due to Covid. We recommend you check some of the official sites of the Spanish

When we talk about Spanish culture, Barcelona is the first city that comes to mind. Barcelona contains thousands of forms of culture, one of those forms is art. Not only the one that is exhibited in museums or galleries, but also in its streets. Street art? Yes, street art in Barcelona. As well as architectural, musical, acting, poetic art, among others; This mode of expression is also very important in the Spanish city. Street art in Barcelona is a whole form

If we talk about art, Malaga is a great seat of Spanish art. With its many museums and exhibits of paintings and sculptures, it is known that there is a wide variety of artistic talent in this city. But there is not only art in its museums and galleries but also in its streets. Street art in Malaga is amazing and shows culture, talent and endless emotions represented on the canvas of these artists, the streets. Artists who are mostly

It is summer in Malaga, an excellent excuse to visit this charming coastal city. If you like to travel but also save money, this article is for you. Keep reading and know all the free things you can do in Malaga, without losing the fun of your adventure.The landscapes, the warm climate and the crystal clear waters that recharge our energy 100%, it is almost impossible not to want to do thousands of things in this paradisiac city. But if

In the 19th century, the modernist movement reflected the industrialized era, highlighting the aesthetics and beauty of its time. At that time the most outstanding architectural work was La Sagrada Familia.Firstly, is one Emblematic Catholic architecture of Spain and the most recognized work of Antonio Gaudí. Secondly, the project began in 1882 at the end of the 19th century.Further, the Sagrada Familia tours are the best of Flamingo Tours and Trips, come and see for yourself the most precious

A pub crawl is something that every city in the world should offer. Here's what the team of Flamingo tours and trips have to have about it.Surely it has happened to you that as a traveler, you visit new cities, but you don't know what to do?You don't know anyone in the city and you want to experience the local lifestyle, enjoy its traditions and culture.Sometimes it is difficult to decide what to do and where to go, but at

Barcelona city is known for the Sagrada Familia, beaches, delicious food, and FC Barcelona, but also for hosting works by Antoni Gaudi. In our previous article, we told all about the bars in Málaga for a wonderful night out. On this occasion, we would like to tell you more about another beautiful Mediterranean city, Barcelona. It is simply inevitable to visit Barcelona and not admiring any of the artwork that this great artist has created. We dare to say that

Picasso is known to be the artistic symbol that represents the city of Malaga. Malaga was the very first place in which Picasso portrayed his talent in his early days. Some may even say that Malaga will always be a part of Picasso. When you visit this Andalusian city, you will be astonished by the amount of places that present Picasso as their main figure. Previously we have talked about “A Tour Around Málaga” where we described the various activities