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Bar Crawl Barcelona

Pub Crawl Barcelona: endless nights to the traditional style Catalan

Pub Crawl in Barcelona is something you cannot forget here. Travelling and being in Barcelona is great, but having fun every night without stopping … is the best. If you are already here, making the most of it is the next step!

Flamingo Tours and Trips offers you the best plan to make your nights in Barcelona an unforgettable experience with our Pub Crawl Barcelona.

This is a tour of the best bars in Barcelona, where you will find everything but boredom. We will go as a group from bar to bar, enjoying the good Catalan atmosphere at night.

This tour is for people who want to have fun and get out of the routine. If you are one of those intrepid travelers who likes to make new friends and create lasting memories, this tour is definitely for you.

Bar Crawl Barcelona

Barcelona is undoubtedly a charming city, in all aspects.
It has culture, art, joy, unique flavors and tourist attractions that leave many speechless.

However, at night, things get even better and it is the right time to explore this spectacular Spanish city with more enthusiasm.

The fun doesn’t stop when the moon appears. On the contrary, Barcelona takes on much more life. The streets are lit up, the smells captivate and whet the appetite.

The music lights up the atmosphere, invites you to dance and forget about the exhausting day you have had.


If you are still not convinced that a Barcelona Bar Crawl is worthwhile, just answer the question: why not do it?

If you think that it is not as wonderful as it sounds, we invite you to try it out for yourself. You may be missing out on many adventures.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience something new, in the purest Catalan style. Good music, people from everywhere, exquisite drinks and in Barcelona, what more could you ask for?

In the Catalan capital, there is always something new to do and everywhere. On this Pub Crawl Barcelona tour, the adventures will be innumerable.

Bar Crawl Barcelona

Our tour includes visiting open-air bars and restaurants, with live music and delicious Spanish food. In addition, we will also visit the most famous clubs and discos in the city.

Now we will tell you some of the things including our tour, to see if you dare to book right now.

Pub Crawl benefits

Barcelona is a party, but there’s nothing better than being accompanied by good music and delicious drinks. That gives a plus to the festive Catalan night.

That is why our tour also includes drinks in each of our bars, in addition to other exclusive offers on our route.

Every night in Barcelona is a different adventure, but it is always unforgettable. That’s why each of our itineraries starts in a different bar or nightclub.

What we won’t change in any part of our tour are the discounts and offers we have for you.

Bar Crawl Barcelona

  • VIP entrance to bars
  • Free shots
  • Repeat the drinks as many times as you want.
  • Free entry to bars and clubs.
  • Exclusive discounts on drinks
  • Repeat entry to a bar on the route.
  • If you are interested in our endless party and night tour, we would like to ask you:
    What are you waiting for to reserve your place on this fun route?

    Come and spend an unforgettable night with us, we invite you to read our blog Pub Crawl Barcelona. Below we explain in more detail the prices and other benefits that may interest you in the pub crawl in Barcelona.

    We are waiting for you at Flamingo tours and trips to spend an unforgettable night in Barcelona.
    See you soon!

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