Pub Crawl in Barcelona, the highlights of a night out!

Pib Crawl Barcelona

Pub Crawl in Barcelona, the highlights of a night out!

Barcelona is a party town, so you should enjoy and join the fiesta. At Flamingo tours and trips we know very well how to join this party atmosphere with a Bar Crawl Barcelona.

If you don’t know what a Bar Crawl is, we’ll quickly tell you what it is.

A pub crawl is a night tour of all the most recognised bars in Barcelona. A plan full of fun, good music, a party atmosphere and free drinks.

If you want to know more about what we offer on this night tour of lively Barcelona, we invite you to read our blog in which we detail everything about the Bar Crawl Barcelona.

Bar Crawl Barcelona, ​​the best Spanish atmosphere in a single tour

In this blog, we will talk about the bars that are part of our night tour.

If you are here it is because you are looking for new adventures and experiences to talk about, so stay a little longer and get to know the places you will go to with our rumba tour.


Barcelona is a charming and very cheerful city, which is why we cannot miss a second of the fun this great city has for us.

As mentioned before, the Bar Crawl is a night tour of each of the most famous bars in the city.

The difference between going alone and going with our private tour are the benefits we have for you. There are discounts and privileges in every bar we visit, with Flamingo tours and trips.
Below, we made a list of the best Spanish bars in Barcelona.

Pacha Barcelona

A place where Barcelona’s nightlife comes alive. Besides being the most popular bar, it is a restaurant facing the sea.

It always offers good entertainment for everyone. This means that there is always a fun atmosphere in the best Catalan style.

The shows every night are given by international artists. This is the perfect place to start our tours of this lively Spanish city.

Plata Cocktail Bar Barcelona

Bar Crawl Barcelona, ​​the best Spanish atmosphere in a single tour

Well-known bar-restaurant in the city, with a super elegant look. They offer elaborate, exclusive and international cocktails, for all types of clients. With extravagant or simple tastes, from cocktails to shots.

At Plata Cocktail Bar Barcelona, nights will never be boring. The atmosphere will be on another level, the concerns are out of the tour.

Chester & Punk, best bar of the Bar Crawl Barcelona

It is one of the bars with the most influence and good atmosphere in Barcelona. It offers top-notch cocktails to enjoy, live performances and concerts with the city’s best bands every night.

Chester & Punk has a very fun atmosphere for people who want to have a good time, with a wide variety of drinks and craft beers.

Morrisseys Public House

Irish looking bar that offers nights of good music, a party atmosphere and traditional beers. It also offers an excellent variety of typical food.

Its facilities offer a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, inviting you to relax with a cocktail or Irish-flavuored craft beer.

So if you dare to enjoy the Spanish nights with us, do not hesitate to reserve your place for the next tour.

Bar Crawl Barcelona, ​​the best Spanish atmosphere in a single tour

There will be no lack of fun, so don’t waste your time and join our Bar Crawl Barcelona. Flamingo tours and trips make your adventures memorable!


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