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Coworking malaga centro: A space that becomes a family

Did you search for Coworking malaga centro?

These 3 words become imperative when looking for the perfect location in Malaga: “Coworking Malaga Centro”. Most startups are looking for a coworking space but there is so much more you can get from a coworking space like TLR.

The city centre or el centro de negocios is easily accessible. However, there are many other benefits that a coworking space like TLR can offer. In the previous article, we talked about the beginnings of TLR. Here we would like to continue to tell you more about the present and the future of TLR.

Here are some other important answers and tips we got from Ben.


coworking malaga viewWhat has been the biggest challenge for TLR as a company, and how did you overcome it?

COVID-19. Since we opened in 2015, we opened a second space at the end of 2017 and started working on opening a third in early 2020. Then COVID-19 happened, which obviously stopped all our plans.

Along the way of the horror year 2020, COVID-19 even led us to close our second space. Going back to step one, with only one venue, brought several challenges.

We went from being a small, cosy space to becoming a proper coworking operation, including a heavy fixed cost structure that came with it. As our income collapsed from one month to another, we had to be creative in negotiating with landlords and suppliers to reduce costs wherever we could. It was never more apparent than in 2020, how much of a family TLR really is.

Most of our members were happy to continue paying their full subscription or to contribute with a part to keep us running, organising online events and being there for each other, even though we all worked from home. In the end, I am glad that COVID-19 happened, as it forced us to optimise our cost structure.

And to make tough decisions like closing a less profitable space and focusing all our forces on excelling at our main location, we are doing better than ever before. When you search the keyword “coworking malaga centro” in google, you will surely find us.



What’s the secret to your coffee?

Haha, the coffee indeed is quite special. We collaborate with Santa Coffee, a cofee shop and roastery, just around the corner in Málaga’s artistic Soho district. We get freshly roasted full Colombian coffee beans, which we then grind by hand at TLR to make energy-providing filtered coffee.


Do you prefer Ping Pong or Boxing in TLR?

There is both a ping pong table and a punching bag at TLR, but I would go for ping pong anytime. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t play at least one game to get away from the desk for a bit.



Why Malaga?

Another coincidence that life had up my sleeve. In Spain, I first landed in Granada, coming from Austria for my Erasmus back in 2008. Since then I moved to Málaga in 2010 to start my first real job at Oracle, while finishing my Master studies at a remote university in Vienna. I did not expect my 6 months of Erasmus to turn into 13 years, but still, here I am.

Looking at why an international coworking space works well here in the south of Andalucía, we can see that in the last 10 years Malaga has become a number 1 location for freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads worldwide. We recently wrote an article on our TLR blog, which sums up all the great initiatives that Málaga is driving as a city to attract international talent to the Costa del Sol, where you will find an unbeatable balance between work, cost and life.

At the end of the interview we went for a coffee and started turning the knot of the coffee grinder, a process that has been defined as therapeutic by Ben’s girlfriend and that we actually experimented with and confirmed its effectiveness.

If you would like to know more about The Living Room Coworking, feel free to check out their website. After working there ourselves with the Flamingo tours and trips team for various months, we highly recommend it!


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